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A Laboratory shaker is a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix, blend, or agitate substances in a tube or flask by shaking them. It is mainly used in the fields of chemistry and biology. A shaker contains an oscillating board that is used to place the flasks, beakers, or test tubes.Laboratory Shakers Manufacturers, Laboratory Shakers Suppliers, Laboratory Shakers Exporters in India, Laboratory Shakers Manufacturers in India.

Vortex Shaker Test Tube Shaker

Product Code : SLS-LS-11772

Vortex Shaker (Test Tube Shaker) For shaking liquids in Test Tubes.

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Rotary Orbital Shaker

Product Code : SLS-LS-11773

Rotary / Orbital Shaker

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VDRL Shaker

Product Code : SLS-LS-11774

VDRL Shaker, It is very useful for V.D.R.L. grouping & typing as well as other agglutination tests.

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Flask Shaker Wrist Action Type

Product Code : SLS-LS-11775

Flask Shaker Wrist Action Type

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Willy Grinder Or Lab Willy Mill Arthur Thomas Type

Product Code : SLS-LS-11776

Willy Grinder Or Lab Willy Mill (Arthur Thomas Type)

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