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The human body is made up of multiple systems that work together to form life. Body systems are an organized group of tissue that forms a particular function. These functions work with other systems in the body. Some of the main systems of the body are digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and muscular.Human System Models Manufacturers, Human System Models suppliers, Human System Models Exporters in India, Human System Models Manufacturers in India .

Human Torso Model Mini

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12674

Human Torso Model, Mini

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Human Torso Model Mini 2

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12675

Human Torso Model, Mini 2

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Human Model Torso Full size 9 Parts

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12676

Human Model Torso, Full size, 9 Parts

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Human Torso Economy 10 parts

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12677

Human Torso, Economy, 10 parts

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Human Torso Unisex 12 parts

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12678

Human Torso, Unisex, 12 parts

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Human Torso 13 Parts

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12679

Human Torso, 13 Parts, Male & Female

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Human Torso 14 parts Sexless

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12680

Human Torso, 14 parts, Sexless

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Human Torso Unisex 23 parts PVC Plastic

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12681

Human Torso, Unisex, 23 parts (PVC Plastic)

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Human Torso Interchangeable Sex

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12682

Human Torso with Interchangeable Sex Organs, Muscles

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Human Model - Torso 24 Parts Bisexual Open Back

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12683

Human Model - Torso, 24 Parts, Bisexual, Open Back

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Human Torso with Muscles and Open Back 27 Parts

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12684

Human Torso with Muscles and Open Back, 27 Parts

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Transparent Human

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12685

Transparent Human, Tall : 85 cm. About half life size.

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Human Nervous System

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12686

Human Nervous System, This model shows the central and peripheral nervous

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Sympathetic Nervous System

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12687

Sympathetic Nervous System

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Human Lungs with Heart and Larynx

Product Code : SLS-HSM-12688

Human Lungs with Heart and Larynx

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