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Laboratory brushes are single-stem, single-spiral wire brushes ideal for internal cleaning applications.These brushes are used for cleaning glass or plastic test tubes, centrifuge tubes, flasks, graduated cylinders, beakers, burrettes, pipettes, vials, carboys and bottles in the laboratory and scientific industries.Brushes Manufacturers, Brushes Suppliers, Brushes Exporters in India, Brushes Manufacturers in India .

Brush Beaker

Product Code : SLS-B-12474

Brush, Beaker Bristle head on galvanized wire.

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Brush Test Tube

Product Code : SLS-B-12475

Brush Test Tube

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Brush Tubes and Vials

Product Code : SLS-B-12476

Brush, Tubes/Vials

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Brush Micro

Product Code : SLS-B-12477

Brush, Micro Micro bristle head with, on wire handle.

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Brush Bottle

Product Code : SLS-B-12478

Brush, Bottle

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Brush Erlenmeyer

Product Code : SLS-B-12479

Brush, Erlenmeyer

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Brush Measuring Cylinder

Product Code : SLS-B-12480

Brush, Measuring Cylinder

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Brush Burette

Product Code : SLS-B-12481

Brush Burette

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Brush Pipette

Product Code : SLS-B-12482

Brush Pipette, Double bristle type, on galvanized wire handle.

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Brush Painting

Product Code : SLS-B-12483

Brush, Painting

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