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Science Lab Supplies is a leading Charts Manufacturer,and suppliers in India, Charts Manufacturer,and suppliers in South Africa.Charts Suppliers in Mozambique,Charts in Supplier Kenya, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia (Canberra), Austria (Vienna), Bolivia (Sucre), Botswana (Gaborone), Brazil (Brasília), Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan), Bulgaria (Sofia), Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou), Burundi (Gitega), Cape Verde (Praia), Central African Republic (Bangui), Chad (N'Djamena), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Bogota), Comoros (Moroni), Congo (Kinshasa), Costa Rica (San José), Croatia (Zagreb)
The wall chart is used to transmit information, facts and instructions. An effective teaching method is to use visual presentations, Charts and diagrams are especially helpful, as they enable students to see ideas visually laid out in an organized way. Also, visual tools can help the students process content and to make connections more easily. These tools are especially useful in elementary school, where children tend to have shorter attention spans. We at SELS offers the vide range of the all subjects charts in different material in affordable range..charts Manufacturers, charts Suppliers, charts Exporters in India, charts and Devices Manufacturers in India .

Human Physiology Charts School Education

Product Code : SLS-C-12301

Human Physiology Charts, School Education

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Human Reproductive System Charts

Product Code : SLS-C-12302

Human Reproductive System, Charts, School Education Standard Size: 70x100cms Language: English

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Animal Charts Zoology School Education

Product Code : SLS-C-12303

Animal Charts, Zoology, School Education

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Hydra Chart Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12304

Hydra Chart, Zoology, School Education Standard Size: 58x90cms

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Human Body Charts Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12305

Human Body Charts, Zoology, School Education

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Worm Chart Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12306

Worm Charts, Zoology

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Insects Charts Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12307

Insects Charts, Zoology

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Frog Charts Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12308

Frog Charts, Zoology,

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Birds Charts Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12309

Birds Charts, Zoology, School Education

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Rabbit Charts Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12310

Rabbit Charts, Zoology,

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Cockroach Charts Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12311

Cockroach Charts, Zoology

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Fish Anatomy Chart Zoology

Product Code : SLS-C-12312

Fish Anatomy Chart, Zoology, School Education

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Plant Charts Botany

Product Code : SLS-C-12313

Plant Charts Botany School Education

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Stem Charts Botany

Product Code : SLS-C-12314

Stem Charts, Botany,

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Root Charts Botany School Education

Product Code : SLS-C-12315

Root Charts, Botany, School Education

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