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Commonly, spatulas are used to transfer samples or chemicals from their original containers to weighing paper, weighing boats, weighing bottles, weighing funnels, or other vessels or containers for weighing.spatulas Manufacturers, spatulas Suppliers, spatulas Exporters in India, spatulas fittings Manufacturers in India .

Spatula, Chattaway (Micro)

Product Code : SLS-S-12370

Spatula, Chattaway (Micro)

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Spatula Plastic

Product Code : SLS-S-12371

Spatula, Spatula, Plastic

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Spatula Student

Product Code : SLS-S-12372

Spatula, Student, One Side Flat, One Side Spoon

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Spatula Superior Laboratory

Product Code : SLS-S-12373

Spatula, Superior, Laboratory,

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Spatula Both Side Flat

Product Code : SLS-S-12374

Spatula, Both Side Flat

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Spatula two way

Product Code : SLS-S-12375

Spatula, One Side Flat, One Side Pointed

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Scoop Trowel Spatula Trulla Spatula

Product Code : SLS-S-12376

Scoop/Trowel Spatula/Trulla Spatula

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