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chemistry plasticware, made from strong polypropylene, is an affordable option for any laboratory. Its shatterproof, lighter than glass, and durable. It may also be recyclable. Many customers choose plasticware for elementary school students and other young scientists. You can ensure a long shelf life for your equipment by taking few precautions, some of the consumables plastic beakers, graduated cylinders, test tubes, funnels, bottles, jars, and stoppers.Consumables Products Manufacturers, Consumables, Consumables Exporters in India, General Plastic Products Manufacturers in India .

Petri Dish Plastic

Product Code : SLS-C-12863

Petri Dish, Plastic Material: Polypropylene

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Petri Dish Culture Plastic

Product Code : SLS-C-12864

Petri Dish (Culture), Plastic

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Petri Dish Disposable Plastic

Product Code : SLS-C-12865

Petri Dish (Disposable), Plastic

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Racks For Petri Dishes

Product Code : SLS-C-12866

Racks For Petri Dishes

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Transfer Pipette Plastic Dropper

Product Code : SLS-C-12867

Transfer Pipette/Plastic Dropper

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Pipette Serological

Product Code : SLS-C-12868

Pipette Serological Pipette Serological, are manufactured exclusively with high grade polystyrene(GPPS) which ensures excellent clarity.

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Pipette Pasteur

Product Code : SLS-C-12869

Pipette Pasteur Pipette Pasteur are made of PE-LD and used to transfer of fluid in a quick and safe way.

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Pipette Tips

Product Code : SLS-C-12870

Pipette Tips Made of polypropylene. Item

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Pipette Tips and Fliter Tips

Product Code : SLS-C-12871

Pipette Tips & Fliter Tips Material: Polypropylene

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Pipette Tips Box

Product Code : SLS-C-12872

Pipette Tips Box Material: Polypropylene

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Test Tube Screw Cap Plastic

Product Code : SLS-C-12873

Test Tube Screw Cap, Plastic Material: Polypropylene These polypropylene tubes provide excellent option for RIA, coagulation & bacteriology etc.

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Test Tube Cap

Product Code : SLS-C-12874

Test Tube Cap Material: Polypropylene

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Storage Vial

Product Code : SLS-C-12875

Storage Vial Material: Polypropylene As the name suggests , these vials are commonly used for

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Storage Vial-Internal Thread

Product Code : SLS-C-12876

Storage Vial-Internal Thread Material: Polypropylene

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Product Code : SLS-C-12877

SV10-SV5 Material: Polypropylene

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