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Elasticity and Surface Tension is the tendency of liquid surfaces at rest to shrink into the minimum surface area possible. This tangential force unit l is generally referred to as the surface tension. The net effect is the liquid behaves as if its surface were covered with a stretched elastic membrane.Elasticity and Surface Tension kits Manufacturers, Elasticity and Surface Tension kits Suppliers, Elasticity and Surface Tension kits Exporters in India, Elasticity and Surface Tension kits Manufacturers in India.

Youngs Modulus Apparatus Searles Pattern

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11461

Young's Modulus Apparatus (Searle's Pattern)

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Youngs Modulus Apparatus Vernier Type

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11462

Young's Modulus Apparatus (Vernier Type)

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Hooks Law Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11463

Hook's Law Apparatus It consists of 30cm long mirror scale, spring, slotted weights with hanger and pointer, complete on stand.

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Rigidity Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11464

Rigidity Apparatus (Searle's Pattern) One can find the modulus of rigidity and Young's modulus for the material of wires by Searle's method.

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Poissons Ratio of Rubber Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11465

Poisson's Ratio of Rubber Apparatus

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Capillary Tube Clamp

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11466

Capillary Tube Clamp

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Rising Table with Capillary Tube Clamp

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11467

Rising Table with Capillary Tube Clamp

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Quinckes Surface Tension Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11468

Quincke's Surface Tension Apparatus

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Searles Surface Tension Balance

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11469

Searle's Surface Tension Balance

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Jaegers Surface Tension Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11470

Jaeger's Surface Tension Apparatus Having a wide mouth reagent bottle fitted with a cork having two holes, in one hole a dropping funnel is fitted.

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Viscosity Apparatus Stokes Method

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11471

Viscosity Apparatus Stokes Method A Borosilicate glass tube of about 30 cm diameter and one meter long is made to stand vertically firmly in between

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Viscometer Searles Pattern

Product Code : SLS-EAST-11472

Viscometer Searle's Pattern It is used for measuring viscosity of very viscose liquids.

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