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Product Code : SLS-H-11494

Pyrometer With three test rods of different metals and a spirit furnace.

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Pyrometer, Superior Pattern

Product Code : SLS-H-11495

Pyrometer, Superior Pattern This simple from of linear expansion apparatus is supplied with one each aluminum, iron and brass expansion bars

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Searles Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-H-11496

Searle's Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

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Lees And Charltons Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-H-11497

Lee's And Charlton's Apparatus

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Joules Calorimeter

Product Code : SLS-H-11498

Joule's Calorimeter

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Callendar and Barnes Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-H-11499

Callendar & Barne's Apparatus ( Continuous Flow)

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Joules Mechanical Heat Experiment Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-H-11500

Joule's Mechanical Heat Experiment Apparatus

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Constant Level Tank

Product Code : SLS-H-11501

Constant Level Tank For maintaining a uniform flow of water through

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Clement and Desormes Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-H-11502

Clement & Desorme's Apparatus

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