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The properties of matter include any traits that can be measured, such as an object density, color, mass, volume, length, malleability, melting point, hardness, odor, temperature, and more. Physical Properties include size, shape, color, texture etc. The melting point and freezing point are also physical properties.Physics experiments kits Manufacturers, Physics experiments kits, Physics experiments kits Exporters in India, Physics experiments kits Manufacturers in India .

Overflow Eureka Can Metal

Product Code : SLS-POM-11473

Overflow Vessel (Eureka Can), Metal

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Nicholson Hydrometer

Product Code : SLS-POM-11474

Nicholson Hydrometer For Solid and liquid density experiments. It consists of a hollow metal cylinder, upper loading pan and

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Hare Apparatus

Product Code : SLS-POM-11476

Hare Apparatus For comparing the densities of liquids by measuring the heights two columns of liquid produced by applying suction to the short limb.

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U-Tube Manometer on Stand

Product Code : SLS-POM-11477

U-Tube Manometer on Stand, Wall Hanging Type

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U-Tube Manometer on Stand Table Model

Product Code : SLS-POM-11478

U-Tube Manometer on Stand, Table Model It is standard Manometer used for precision measurement of Pressure, Differential Pressure for flow measurement in plants.

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Metal Cylinders

Product Code : SLS-POM-11479

Metal Cylinders These cylinders are used in density and specific gravity measurement

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Metal Cubes

Product Code : SLS-POM-11480

Metal Cubes These metal cubes are intended for specific gravity measurements. Set of six different metals.

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Air Pump

Product Code : SLS-POM-11481

Air Pump (Vacuum Pump with Aluminum Plate) This air pump is suitable for a number of classroom

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Portable Vacuum Pump

Product Code : SLS-POM-11482

Portable Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump cum Air Compressor, Oil Free,

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Magdebur Hemisphere

Product Code : SLS-POM-11483

Magdebur Hemisphere To demonstrate the pressure of atmosphere.

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Fluid Pressure Apparatus Spouting Cylinder

Product Code : SLS-POM-11484

Fluid Pressure Apparatus (Spouting Cylinder) To demonstrate that pressure increases with depth.

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Simple Pascal Law Experiment

Product Code : SLS-POM-11485

Simple Pascal Law Experiment (Pressure String)

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Charles Law Apparatus Basic

Product Code : SLS-POM-11486

Charles Law Apparatus, Basic Consist a U-shaped glass tube of about 15mm diameter

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Bourdon Gauge

Product Code : SLS-POM-11487

Bourdon Gauge Used to measure actual gas pressure, and not gauge. Consist of a circular gauge.

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Fluid Pressure Apparatus Hydraulic

Product Code : SLS-POM-11488

Fluid Pressure Apparatus, Hydraulic Press

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