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Vernier Caliper IME Type Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Product Code : SLS-MA-12403

Vernier Caliper IME Type
Steel chrome plated model.
One side graduated in inches for 6 inch and side graduated in millimeters for 15 and the 10-part Vernier reads to 0.1mm. 
The moveable jaw can be held at positions on the scale by means of spring constant. 
Fine adjustment can be made by means of a convenient thumb operated strip which is allowed to disengage for fast adjustment.
Vernier Caliper IME Type, 6 inch, Least Count 0.01 cm
Vernier Caliper IME Type, 8 inch, Least Count 0.001 cm
Vernier Caliper IME TYPE 8 inch, 0.01 cm.
Vernier Caliper IME TYPE 10 inch, 0.01 cm.
Vernier Caliper IME TYPE 12 inch, 0.01 cm.

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