Laboratory Plasticware is the set of equipment or instruments used in laboratories, made of different types of plastic material. Primarily, the lab wares are manufactured using glass materials because of certain physical characteristics. Some of the plasticware may include Plastic Beaker, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Funnel, Plastic Vial, Plastic Pipettes, etc. Usually, laboratory glassware is best suited for heating chemicals or conducting some vigorous reactions. Nonetheless, Laboratory Plasticware has distinct advantage of its own. Apparatuses made of plastic are not fragile or easily breakable. Maintenance of lab plasticware is very easy in comparison to glassware. Devices made of glasses are fragile and require extra care while handling. Laboratory Plasticware Manufacturers, Laboratory Plasticware Suppliers, Laboratory Plasticware Products Exporters in India, Laboratory Plasticware Manufacturers in India .