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Acid Accumulator

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12458

Acid Accumulator, It is an battery accumulator which is made of lead and has electrolyte as dilute sulphuric acid.

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Aluminum Foil Roll

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12459

Aluminum Foil, Roll

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Banana Plug

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12460

Banana Plug Banana Plugs are used for joining wires to equipment.

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Bulb Holders Regular

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12461

Bulb Holders, Regular Bulb holders are offered to meet laboratory needs.

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Hand Lens

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12462

Hand Lens with white plastic handle. 50mm diameter lens.

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Hand Lens with Case

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12463

Hand Lens with Black Plastic Case

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Pocket Magnifier 10X

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12464

Pocket Magnifier, Folding Type, High Power, 10X

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Hand Len Superior

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12465

Hand Lens/Magnifier with Black Plastic Handle, Superior

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Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12466

Hemocytometer Hemocytometer,

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Neubauer Chamber

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12467

Neubauer Chamber The Neubauer chamber is a thick crystal slide with the size of a glass slide

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Cavity Slide Single Double and Triple

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12468

Cavity Slide - Single, Double and Triple

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Stage Micrometer

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12469

Stage Micrometer The scale is prepared on a glass disc mounted in a glass slide (75 x 25mm) for convenient handling.

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Slide Staining Tray Rack

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12470

Slide Staining Tray, Rack

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Tongue Drepressors

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12471

Tongue Drepressors - Wooden Splints

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Bottle Top Dispenser Premium Model

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12472

Bottle Top Dispenser, Premium Model

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