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Science Lab Supplies is a leading Misllaneous Genral Lab Products Manufacturer,and suppliers in India, Misllaneous Genral Lab Products Manufacturer,and suppliers in South Africa.Misllaneous Genral Lab Products Suppliers in Mozambique,Misllaneous Genral Lab Products in Supplier Kenya, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia (Canberra), Austria (Vienna), Bolivia (Sucre), Botswana (Gaborone), Brazil (Brasília), Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan), Bulgaria (Sofia), Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou), Burundi (Gitega), Cape Verde (Praia), Central African Republic (Bangui), Chad (N'Djamena), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Bogota), Comoros (Moroni), Congo (Kinshasa), Costa Rica (San José), Croatia (Zagreb)

Acid Accumulator

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12458

Acid Accumulator, It is an battery accumulator which is made of lead and has electrolyte as dilute sulphuric acid.

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Aluminum Foil Roll

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12459

Aluminum Foil, Roll

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Banana Plug

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12460

Banana Plug Banana Plugs are used for joining wires to equipment.

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Bulb Holders Regular

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12461

Bulb Holders, Regular Bulb holders are offered to meet laboratory needs.

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Hand Lens

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12462

Hand Lens with white plastic handle. 50mm diameter lens.

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Hand Lens with Case

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12463

Hand Lens with Black Plastic Case

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Pocket Magnifier 10X

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12464

Pocket Magnifier, Folding Type, High Power, 10X

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Hand Len Superior

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12465

Hand Lens/Magnifier with Black Plastic Handle, Superior

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Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12466

Hemocytometer Hemocytometer,

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Neubauer Chamber

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12467

Neubauer Chamber The Neubauer chamber is a thick crystal slide with the size of a glass slide

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Cavity Slide Single Double and Triple

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12468

Cavity Slide - Single, Double and Triple

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Stage Micrometer

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12469

Stage Micrometer The scale is prepared on a glass disc mounted in a glass slide (75 x 25mm) for convenient handling.

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Slide Staining Tray Rack

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12470

Slide Staining Tray, Rack

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Tongue Drepressors

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12471

Tongue Drepressors - Wooden Splints

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Bottle Top Dispenser Premium Model

Product Code : SLS-MGLP-12472

Bottle Top Dispenser, Premium Model

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