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A thermometer is a device used for measuring temperature. A thermometer is an instrument that measures temperature. It can measure the temperature of a solid such as food, a liquid such as water, or a gas such as air.Thermometer Manufacturers, Thermometer Suppliers, Thermometer Exporters in India, Thermometer Manufacturers in India .

Thermometer Economy

Product Code : SLS-T-12418

Thermometer, Laboratory, Economy Glass capillary with bulb type, white Yellow back.

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Thermometer Laboratory

Product Code : SLS-T-12419

Thermometer, Laboratory,

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Thermometer Laboratory Superior

Product Code : SLS-T-12420

Thermometer, Laboratory, Superior

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Thermometer Laboratory Euro Type

Product Code : SLS-T-12435

Thermometer Laboratory Euro Type

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Thermometer Precision

Product Code : SLS-T-12436

Thermometer, Precision Glass capillary bulb tube with printed scale. Length 450mm

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Thermometer Student Demonstration

Product Code : SLS-T-12437

Thermometer, Student Demonstration

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Thermometer Maximum Minimum

Product Code : SLS-T-12438

Thermometer, Maximum & Minimum

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Thermometer Wall Plastic Body

Product Code : SLS-T-12439

Thermometer, Wall, Plastic Body

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Thermometer Soil Brass Cone

Product Code : SLS-T-12440

Thermometer, Soil, Brass Cone

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Thermometer Ground Joint

Product Code : SLS-T-12441

Thermometer Ground Joint

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Glass Thermometer Petroleum Use

Product Code : SLS-T-12442

Glass Thermometer, Petroleum Use

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Thermometer, Clinical

Product Code : SLS-T-12443

Thermometer, Clinical Used to measure body temperature.

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Thermometer Digital Multi Stem

Product Code : SLS-T-12444

Thermometer, Digital, Multi Stem

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Thermometer Digital Indoor-Outdoor

Product Code : SLS-T-12445

Thermometer, Digital, Indoor-Outdoor

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Thermometer Digital Infra red

Product Code : SLS-T-12446

Thermometer, Digital Infra-Red Laser ON/OFF switch Laser Targeting

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